Email Newsletters for Pubs and Venues

Many hotels and venues wonder what benefits an external email service provider can offer them, and whether they could just do it in-house themselves. In this article we will cover the major benefits of using an email service provider to send and manage email campaigns.

For every campaign sent, Pubs of Australia automatically creates reports that are:
- Easy to understand
- Automatically updated
- Simple to share with other people
- Available 24 x 7 via your own online login consol

Save Time
What administrative work? Sending the email might not take too long (although it may crush your mail systems internally!). It’s dealing with the results of your campaign that can eat up your time.

  • Subscribe and unsubscribe requests: Every time you send a campaign, some people are likely to want to get off the list. It may only take you a minute or two to deal with, but if you need to stop what you are doing and switch tasks, it adds up quickly. And what happens if you miss one and send to that person again?

Pubs of Australia lets people unsubscribe instantly from any email they receive, and your list is updated automatically.

  • Dealing with bounced emails: For any given campaign, you might expect up to 10% of the emails to be bounced back to you. That could be hundreds or thousands of emails you need to handle somehow. Are they permanent bounces? Then should you remove them from your list? Or do you need to resend the email to them?

Pubs of Australia instantly removes hard bounces, and re-sends your campaigns automatically to addresses which soft bounce.

  • Dealing with spam complaints: Sometimes people forget that they signed up for your emails, and hit the spam button. Pubs of Australia instantly removes people from your list when they make a spam complaint, ensuring they do not receive any more email.
  • Avoid hold ups on your own mail servers: We’ve heard of more than one marketing manager staying up till all hours trying to send email campaigns out without shutting down the company email network.

Campaign Reports
Here are some of the key reports provided by Pubs of Australia.

  1. Campaign Snapshot
    See how your email campaign has performed at a glance. Find out how many recipients opened your email, clicked a link, unsubscribed, forwarded your email to a friend and loads more.
  2. Opens Over Time
    Our simple Opens Over Time Report shows exactly who is checking out your email, how many times they’re doing it, and when they did it. You can get an overview for the life of the campaign or drill down all the way to minute by minute detail.
  3. Recipient Activity
    Our recipient activity report lets you get down to some serious detail on your campaign. Easily see who opened, who clicked, who bounced and who unsubscribed. You can even search for a specific subscriber to see exactly what they did with your email.
  4. Link Activity
    The Link Activity Report makes it very easy to see what your subscribers found most interesting, as well as who clicked and who did not.
  5. Bounce Summary
    As well as automatically processing any bounced emails for you, we also tell you exactly why that subscriber bounced out of your list. Maybe we got an out of office reply, or perhaps their mailbox was full - whatever the reason, they didn’t get your email and we’ll tell you why.
  6. Compare campaigns
    Easily compare any of your email campaign with each other. Is your open rate improving? Are you seeing less bounces over time?

Email marketing (online newsletters) is a great way of one-to-one marketing that builds and maintains trust and loyalty between your venue and customers. Email is a low-cost marketing solution that allows your business to maintain regular communications to your customer database while the html template creates a professional branding message for your pub or venue.

Contact Pubs of Australia for a quote, you'll be impressed with the cost effectiveness.