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Dissecting the "Everyday" Pub

Research presented by John Murphy from Coca Cola Amatil at a recent Independent Hoteliers Network (IHN) event indicates only four occasions or reasons for visiting an "everyday" pub account for more than 80% of traffic. Interestingly two of the four reasons to visit the pub are meal driven.

When it comes to occasions, four reasons dominate

1. Blokes and Beer (24% of traffic)
2. Stepping Out (22% of traffic)
3. Convenient Catch Up (17% of traffic)
4. Dinner and Drinks (14% of traffic)

Blokes and Beer
An alcohol driven occasion which is dominated by men (78%) with peaks on Wednesday and Friday nights between 4pm and 8pm.

Stepping Out
Another alcohol driven occasion, but this time with more gender balance (63% male) and peaks on Friday and Saturday nights

Convenient Catch Up
A meal driven occasion with over 93% eating. It occurs Wednesday to Saturday mainly between 4pm and 8pm. The gender mix is 50/50 and the crowd is mostly in their 30's and 40's.

Dinner and Drinks
A meal driven occasion with 94% of customers eating. It occurs through the week and peaks on Saturday. This is a mix of men and women, generally a bit older and 80% are couples..

Aussie icon Fosters sells to SABMiller


21 September 2011

Foster's has agreed to be acquired for A$5.10 a share, or A$9.9 billion, by SABMiller PLC. In a Wednesday statement, SABMiller, the U.K. brewer, said Foster's also will pay out to its holders a return on capital of A$0.30 a share. The Foster's board has approved the terms and urges holders to agree to the offer, the statement said. Foster's enterprise value is A$11.5 billion. The deal gives SABMiller a top position in Australian brewing, which the U.K. firm called a "stable and profitable" industry. The deal should add to SABMiller's earnings in the first full year after the deal closes, the company said. If the deal doesn't close under certain circumstances, Foster's would pay SABMiller A$99 million, which is 1% of the deal value, SABMiller said.